Italian Wood Fired Pizza Catering Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
Wedding, Engagement, Birthday Party, Private Event


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We offer to our customers the opportunity to taste a unique pizza, prepared with the best selected flours, fresh seasonal ingredients and with a touch of creativity. In fact, we prepare the dough as required by the Italian tradition, leaving it to rise for over 48 hours. But the thing that makes pizza really special is how it is cooked: Bertino Brothers Mobile Food has a traditional wood-fire oven, able to cook the dough to perfection and to infuse that unique taste that only this type of cooking can give it.


Hello, Welcome to Bertino Brothers Mobile Food. We are so glad you are here. Our family has been in the field of hospitality industry since 1979. Our parents have transferred this passion to us when we were children, helping them in their cafe restaurant with small tasks. They have not only given to us the opportunity to make esperience in this sector but also to study. Both of us have achieved two diplomas in hospitality management and several training certificates. After managing different businesses in Italy over the years, we decided it was time to open our horizons and face new challenges. Australia has always been in our hearts. This loves was given by our Australian uncles and cousins. After a short time we immediately understood that this place could have been our new home where we could share our passion with this amazing community.

best italian pizza catering in sunshine coast and brisbane.


Italian food truck and catering pizza
best italian pizza food truck in sunshine coast and brisbane 123



Creativity is the word that describe us best. We would like to transfer emotions, true passion of our culture and create the right atmosphere for any of your needs. We organize cater for Wedding, Corporate Function, Birthday Party or simply Get Together, we also do events in other premises with Theme Dining.  We use only high quality products as required by the Italian tradition. Where it is possible products are local and organic in order to collaborate with local businesses, others are the best Italian products selected by us to give you the unique Italian experience.

Bertino Brothers Mobile Food, Italian Pizza Food Truck Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
Caterer for: Wedding, Engagement, Birthday Party, Private Event